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Preschool Worksheets Age 3-4


At the age of 3–4 children start to be extreme curious. They ask many questions and try to gain as much knowledge about the world around as they can. While playing they demonstrate rich imagination, and rapidly developing speaking ability.

This is a high time to develop the first skills and competences that will be very helpful for the future school achievements. At home or in kindergarten children can develop fine motor and speaking skills, sensory perception, logical thinking, memory, attention and concentration ability, using play-based learning materials WUNDERKIDDY.

Why is preschool education important?

A huge children’s curiosity makes them to learn something new. Their brain is able to learn and remember lots of information and gain numerous of new skills. At the age of 3 children can easily learn to count up to 10, recognize distinction between items and nature objects and point at certain objects (e.g. sun or sky, etc.)

Children’s speaking ability also develops rapidly at the age of 3 years old. Their vocabulary allows them to construct simple sentences and ask many questions about the world around.

How to get a child involved into learning

Remembering that preschoolers cannot sit still for a long time; all the learning activities are to be done in a play form. Keep watch what your child likes the most and find appropriate games for him/her. Then the learning activity will be done with a huge involvement and motivation.

You should also choose the right time for learning games. If you see that your child is not interested or tired, postpone the game for later or offer another activity.

Worksheets for 3 year olds

At the age of 3–4 years children have a good memory, gain new physical skills, can tell longer sentences and are developing emotionally. Proper learning activities for 3 year olds are:

We have prepared a collection of play-learning materials for children of 3–4 years old to make learning interesting and fun. Download and print high-quality materials for free from our website.

Math games for preschoolers

At about 3–4 years old children know numbers and can count up to 10. To learn numbers and develop counting skills, you can count with your child everything around (fingers, trees, cars, flowers, etc.) To make counting more various and exciting, print free developing math games and cards and worksheets for 4 year olds on WUNDERKIDDY.

At this age children are to know basic geometric shapes and be able to find objects matching by form. They are also able to compare quantities and define «more» and «less».

Logic and memory development

Logic and memory are the basic skills necessary for everybody. 3-4 year olds can improve these skills by means of following learning activities for 4 year olds:

Speaking skill improvement by toddlers

The most easy way to develop speaking skills is to talk with a child. Even if he/she cannot speak yet, listening is the first step to speaking. At about 3–4 years old children can learn letters and can combine simple words from separate letters. They are to talk about general topics:

To learn new words on the topics above in a play form, we offer printable games and worksheets that are meant to enrich kid's vocabulary and improve their speaking ability.

Pre-writing skills

At the age of 3–4 years old children are to prepare their hands for future writing. By means of colorful children friendly tracing worksheets and graphomotor sheets you can do pre-writing trainings in a fun and easy way. Just download them here.

3 year old activities or how to start teaching kids at home

You can start preparing children for writing at the age of 3. Train their hands using different tasks, for example, graphomotor tracks. Activities like sculpting, drawing, and painting help to train fine motor skills, creative thinking and imagination.

Print free educational games, illustrated cards and preschool PDF worksheets for your play-learning sessions with children at the age of 3–4 years old. On our website you will find everything you need for exciting play-based learning: nursery printable activities for toddlers, Montessori worksheets, printable games and educational activities in PDF for 3–4 years old that are well suited both for kindergarten and home preschool activities for 3 year olds.

Print, play and enjoy WUNDERKIDDY!

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