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Printable Learning Activities and Games for 3-4 Year Olds

Children’s speaking ability develops rapidly at the age of 3 years old. Their vocabulary allows them to construct simple sentences and ask many questions about the world around them.

Why is preschool education important?

A huge children’s curiosity move them to learn something new. Their brain is able to learn and remember lots of information and gain lots of new skills. At the age of 3 children can easily learn to count up to 10, recognize distinction between items and nature objects and point at certain objects (e.g. sun or sky, etc.)

How to start teaching kids at home

You can start preparing children for writing at the age of 3. Train their hands using different tasks, for example, graphomotor tracks. Activities like sculpting, drawing, and painting help to train fine motor skills, creative thinking and imagination.

Print free educational games, illustrated cards and worksheets for your play-learning sessions with children of 3-4 years old. On our website you will find everything you need for exciting play-based learning. 

Play-based learning activities for kids

At the age of 3-4 years children have a good memory, gain new physical skills, can tell longer sentences and are developing emotionally. Proper activities for this age are:

We have prepared a collection of play-learning materials for children of 3-4 years old to make learning interesting and fun. Download and print high-qualitied materials free from our website.

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