About us


Just a few words about us. We are the 5 enthusiastic persons. This site is our social project. We create play & learn materials for preschool education. Doing that, we always pay attention to the following:

  1. Preschool learning must be fun. That is why we try to create only interesting, play based materials, using popular cartoon characters, favorite fairy tales heroes, pretty animals and so on.
  2. We want to make pre-schooling easier for parents. That is why we offer our high-qualitied play based learning materials for free.

The whole content of our site is created by us. All images on our printouts were bought in compliance with official copyright. Please do not duplicate copyrighted images for commercial purposes.

Download, save, print and use of materials from our website is free of charge, and you are allowed to share them.

Not only parents, but also teachers, babysitters, speech & language pathologists, etc. can use the site content in their practices.