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Educational Activities and Printable Worksheets for Kids

Early childhood is a very important period of rapid development in children. Children learn a lot within the first 7 years of their lives and develop all necessary motor and mental abilities, as well as physical, social, emotional, and educational skills. A child can grasp a vast amount of information, knowledge, and skills during their early childhood.

Printable Learning activities to develop kid's basic preschool skills

Early education plays a very important role in a child’s life because it develops the foundation for future school achievements. However, early education is only effective if a child is interested, engaged, and happy. Keeping in mind the three important characteristics of toddler’s and preschool education – «playing-exploring-active» – we have created printable educational worksheets and board games for children of 1-7 years old, which assist in the learning and improvement of all types of children's skills.

Fine motor skills and pre-writing worksheets for kids

Fine motor skills development is an extremely important step in early education. Practice with colorful funny worksheets makes a habit of regular learning, because of its fun and engaging manner. You can select an activity that is most preferable and effective for your child:

Math activities for toddlers, kindergarten and preschool

At the age of 2-3 years old, children get to learn figures and counting. By this age, they can distinguish geometric forms and solve simple math problems. Math preschool learning activities help to gain future academic achievements at school. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Demonstrate a practical usage of math in the real life. Point at everything related to counting around you. You can do this when shopping, cooking, and counting the time.
  2. Let a child investigate and work with things they are curious about: toys, candies, objects in nature, household items, money, etc.
  3. Use printable math games for kindergarten to make interesting lessons. Children like colorful and fascinating printouts, and it contributes to motivated learning.

Printable logic and critical thinking activities for play and fun

Taking full advantage of right decision-making can be learned even during preschool age. On our website, you can print free practical logical activities to teach children to assess the situation and make the most proper and effective decision.

Craft templates for creativity

Print out templates for paper crafts contribute to improving toddlers' imagination and creativity by helping them make handcrafted items. Let it be an absolutely free creative process, in order to unlock and develop a child’s imagination and creative potential. Simply color, draw, construct, and make your own design without any rules and limits, based only on your personal vision.

Activities to improve kids’ memory skills

Printable memory games develop a child's ability to grasp knowledge and memorize information. It also helps to better organize and remember their everyday tasks such as tidying up a room, filling a pencil case, cleaning their teeth, and helping their parents with simple household tasks.

Thematic Worksheets for everybody

A correctly chosen game topic is a key to success. If you select a worksheet on a topic that a child is curious about, you get a self-motivated, engaged, and active student. These worksheets help to capture a child’s interest and get them to concentrate on the task. Some learning activities (e.g. counting, graphomotor skills worksheets, pattern cutting, handwriting worksheets for kids, etc.) demand sitting still for a particular time. For children, this can be a problem unless they do something captivating. Interesting and entertaining learning is the most effective way of education – just remember to select the right topic for your child.

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