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Printables Learning Material for Kids Activites

Activity for preschoolers is one of the important and effective form of a child's development. Preschool children can gain basic social and learning skills using gratis worksheets from Wunderkiddy. You can find different kinds of children activities to download and print in PDF-form for free.

We offer a lot of activities, coloring pages, scissors cut sheets, puzzles, printable learning games for kids, worksheets and many other materials that not only develop children's imagination and creativity, but also make learning fun!

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Preparing children for school is difficult for both parents and children. Despite all the difficulties, this process is important. At this age, children acquire general competencies and develop essential skills.

Printable worksheets for kindergarten

Sometimes, it is difficult for parents to find materials that would be efficient for activities with children. Besides, it is uneasy to interest children in simple educational exercises and tasks. Usually, children cannot fix their attention on a particular subject or activity for a long time. That is why, during training, you should combine entertaining and educational activities.

All materials from the category «Learning games»

Learning games

The preschool age is a period of time when children constantly want to play and have fun. Toys, colorful pictures, and cartoons, all of this instantly capture their attention at this age. Therefore, it is difficult for parents to train their children in systematic educational activities, which are necessary for further development.

Learning through play

It is essential to ensure that children can acquire new knowledge while playing. Learning games will help parents in this. The development of children using games brings more benefits than other ways of learning. They can engage children and make the learning process effortless, so children don't get tired so quickly.

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Flash cards

Leaning cards of different topics can be used in many different ways. For example:

  • To tell who (what) is on the card
  • To play memo
  • To describe a picture
  • To tell what sound makes a picture object (e.g. vehicles and animals)
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Puzzles activities

Logical thinking is one of the components of the development of children's mental abilities. It makes learning more structured and helps children to find connections between different pieces of information better. Puzzles will be useful for developing the child's skills: fine motor skills, problem-solving, eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial skills.

Benefits of puzzles activities for child

Parents should pay attention to the development of logical thinking for the efficient education of preschoolers. Various puzzle activities will help to accomplish this. Such tasks will teach children to analyze and build logical chains. Besides, they will help to develop attentiveness and diligence, for it is not always possible to cope with the task quickly and easily. But when the child finds a way to solve the problem, it will bring him joy. Successful results awaken interest in more complex tasks.

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Cut out templates

Teaching children to use scissors is not so easy as it seems to be and will take time and lots of training. At first, parents should tell a child about the safety rules, in order to avoid hurting himself and others. It would be also proper to explain that scissors are to cut paper only. Scissor skill is a very important skill at early childhood. Using different templates from our site, a child can do various paper crafting.

Why are scissor skills so important?

Usually, children are able to cut with scissors at the age of three. Show your child how to hold scissors properly and to cut paper into various pieces. When a child can cut the paper easily by himself, you should move on to cutting out different elements.

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Calendars and posters

It is very important to teach a child to plan their time. Scheduling helps to remember not only important events, but also regular activities. You can choose one of the most lovely calendar template from our site and print it for free. Fill it in together with a child and put it on a well visible place on the wall. It develops the child’s self-control and responsibility.

Posters are also a great way to keep important info always in front of your eyes. Print out gratis posters and put them where they can be well seen. You receive it in your memory without boring learning thank to visual memory. Just take this advantage!