Pre-Writing Worksheets


Children at preschool age are very curious about the world around. They demonstrate a rapid development of memory, imagination, creativity, view of life and numerous social skills. It’s a high time to start learning and preparing to school. At preschool age children effective learn counting, pre-writing, foreign languages, handicraft creativity, etc. The main point of preschool learnings is not to make your child bored and tired, tasks should be children-friendly and conform with the age. Learning games for preschoolers are simple, fun and educational. One of the most appropriate learning form is printable learning games for children.

Basically, children have many potential talents, they only need to be recognized and developed (in most cases by parents). But there are also basic skills to be developed by all children, e.g. understanding emotions, listening, speaking and pre-writing skills.

Pre-writing skills development

One of the important learning areas is a development of pre-writing skills. Usually, children’s hands are not prepared enough for writing. Development of pre-writing skills is a big part of preschool learning in kindergarten or at home. There are numerous pre-k writing exercises for kindergartners that help children to train their hands for future writing at school. These are graphomotor tasks, outline worksheets, coloring pages, letter tracing worksheets etc. In a preschool period, children don’t have to learn to write whole letters and words, but letter parts, tracing activities, and can be able to use pencil well.

Pre-writing tasks improve:

Free printable preschool worksheets tracing letters WUNDERKIDDY make homeschooling much easier. Tracing lines worksheets for 3-year olds give the child an opportunity to do simple tasks by him/herself, e.g. to draw a simple geometric object, to connect objects in the picture with a line or to shade a figure. Tracing shapes worksheets WUNDERKIDDY are meant to improve fine motor skills, strengthens hand and prepares it to the beautiful handwriting.

Pre-k writing practice

Colourful preschool worksheets with graphic exercises on different topics will stimulate your child's interest and help develop motor skills.

Regular writing activities develop handwriting resources effectively, but it is important to remember that preschoolers are not to write letters and numbers at first attempt. In order to coordinate hand movements, it is necessary to systematically carry out simple exercises:

Three years old is the optimal age for preparing a hand for writing. From this age, children can train fine motor skills with special toys and work with pre-K sheets for 3-year-olds with simple tasks to draw lines and outline pictures. Familiarize your child with letters, numbers and shapes with kindergarten pre-writing activities for 5-6-year olds. The tasks are:

The task of parents and kindergarten teachers is to vary pre-writing tasks in order to train children's hands and not allow them to get bored. The pre-writing worksheets WUNDERKIDDY are created by professional teachers and adapted to the age group of the children.

Preschool pencil control workbooks

At the age of 3, children can begin their first introduction to copywork. Children learn to work with pre-writing strokes: lines, arcs, dots, zigzags, waves, spirals. While learning, children learn to control their hands, to move the hand freely and rhythmically. As a next step of pre-writing exercises, letters and shapes tracing worksheets are to be used.

In addition to the basic writing tasks, WUNDERKIDDY materials include bright pictures, mazes and other fun activities that turn the learning process into an interesting game. To make learning fun, we have created our pre-writing handouts using famous cartoon and game characters, nice animals and beautiful colorful images. Only motivated learning is effective in a preschool age.

At the next level of writing development, you can use name tracing worksheets, alphabet tracing worksheets and tracing numbers worksheets.

Besides handwriting practice tasks, you can find on WUNDERKIDDY many tasks that develop other important preschool skills and abilities, e.g. math, logic, memory, etc.

Print free pre-writing activity sheets on WUNDERKIDDY and enjoy preschool learning!

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