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Printable Tracing Pre-Writing Worksheets for Kids

Usually, children’s hands are not prepared enough for writing. Development of pre-writing skills is a big part of preschool learning in kindergarten or at home. There are numerous pre-writing exercises for preschoolers that help children to train their hands for future writing at school. These are graphomotor tasks, outline worksheets, coloring pages, etc. In a preschool period, children don’t need to learn to write whole letters and words, but letter parts, and can be able to use pencil well. 

Handwriting practice for preschool and kindergarten

To make learning fun, we have created our pre-writing handouts using famous cartoon and game characters, nice animals and beautiful colorful images. For preschool learning, it is very important not to make children to be boring and tired. Only motivated learning is effective in a preschool age. 

Besides handwriting practice tasks, you can find on WUNDERKIDDY many tasks that develop other important preschool skills and abilities, e.g. math, logic, memory, etc.

Print free pre-writing activity sheets on WUNDERKIDDY and enjoy preschool learning!

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