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Printable Cut out Crafts and Activity Templates for Kids

Teaching children to use scissors is not so easy as it seems to be. It takes time and lots of training. At first, parents should tell a child about the safety rules, in order to avoid hurting him/herself and others. It would be also proper to explain that scissors are to cut paper only. Otherwise, you could find out damaged clothes or furniture :) Scissor skill is a very important skill at early childhood. Using different templates from our site, a child can do various paper crafting.

Why are scissor skills so important?

Usually, children are able to cut with scissors at the age of three. Show your child how to hold scissors properly and to cut paper into various pieces. When a child can cut the paper easily by him/herself, you should move on to cutting out different elements.

At the beginner level, we suggest to use simple shapes and templates with prick lines. Scissoring develop fine motor skills, movement coordination and imagination. It is the first step to handwriting. Print free templates for cutting out.

How to teach a child to cut with scissors

Paper cutting templates are a great option to teach kids how to cut out with scissors. The child can start classes using simple templates, where he should cut a sheet along dotted lines or cut out simple objects and shapes. You can print cutting patterns on our website for free. Cutting patterns with scissors will develop fine motor skills, improve finger movement coordination, and enhance imagination and creativity. Working with scissors is the first step in preparing hands for writing and calligraphy.

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