Kindergarten Colouring Pages for Kids


Colouring books are a great way to educate children through play. For preschool children, it is important that their education is interesting and exciting. With colouring books, you can turn learning into a fun and creative game and engage children of all ages in educational activities.

The principles of the WUNDERKIDDY website are simplicity, quality and accessibility. The colouring books allow the child to feel like a real artist, freely expressing their feelings and ideas using a palette of colours. You can print out the pages in good quality and start colouring right away.

Through creative activities, children get to learn the world around them. With the help of printed colouring books, children can experience their own achievements and discover the numerous ways of coloring. It also helps develop fine motor and pre-writing skills.

Colouring activities for children aged 2 to 7

For preschoolers, it is important to organise colouring activities according to their age and interests. The right educational materials can catch a child's attention and make the colouring easy and interesting.

Colouring books for 2-3 year olds

  1. Choose simple colouring books with large objects and simple outlines. The child should be able to recognise the object easily. Colouring books for children aged 2 and over should not have too many objects on one page.
  2. Use safe paints and crayons that will not harm the child. Children are exploring the world around them and may try to taste artistic supplies.
  3. If necessary, be prepared to help the child with the colouring to avoid the kids frustration if something goes wrong.

Colouring books for 4-5 year olds

  1. WUNDERKIDDY offers many colouring books with different levels of detail. When choosing a colouring book, think about what your child is interested in. Let your child choose.
  2. Choose pages with differentnumbers of colours and different techniques.
  3. Colour not only with paints or pencils, but also with crayons, plasticine or felt pens, and experiment with stamps. This will help develop your child's creative thinking and self-expression.

Colouring books for children aged 6-7

  1. Print out colouring pages with lots of small details and complex outlines to develop motor skills and attention of your child.
  2. Encourage your child to draw other objects on the page, such as background elements.
  3. At this age you can start with educational colouring books, such as mathematical colouring books,colouring by numbers, or dot-to-dot tasks.
  4. It would be a good idea to organise an exhibition of children's work in kindergarten to increase motivation and get positive feedbacks.

Different types of colouring for children aged 2-7

Educational colouring books for children

With the help of colouring books, a child can develop essential preschool skills, such as

We recommend combining different types of colouring books in order to develop basic hard and soft preschool skills comprehensively.

Simple colouring books. Suitable for beginners and used to learn this type of activity and develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Colouring books with numbers. Each section of the book has a number corresponding to a particular colour on the palette.

Maths colouring books. This is a more complicated form of number colouring. The child has to solve a simple arithmetic problem to determine the colour to paint the area.

Complex colouring books. For children aged 6 and up. These books are designed with small details and require basic handwriting skills and more attention and concentration.

Connect the dots. Before the picture is coloured, the child has to draw an outline by connecting the numbered dots. It is a great tool for developing counting skills in a playful way.

Symmetrical colouring. The child is given one half of a symmetrical picture. Before colouring the picture, the child must draw the second part. The task requires good drawing skills, attention and concentration.

Find and colour. This colouring activity helps to develop memory, logical thinking and visual perception. The task is to find and colour only certain parts of the picture.

Print free colouring books for children aged 2-7

Colouring books play an important role in children's development and help to engage young students in their first learning activities. Educational colouring books can help parents and teachers organise simple and highly effective learning activities. On our website you can print lots of free colouring books for toddlers and preschoolers and motivate children to learn something new.

Colouring books are the easiest, cheapest and most effective way to keep your child busy with fun and useful activities. WUNDERKIDDY offers a large collection of educational colouring books to help children develop their creative potential.

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