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Educational materials for preschoolers by topic

Here you find educational materials divided on subjects. It is very important to find that subject which is interesting for a child. In this case it will be motivated, engaged and effective learning. You can make learning fun and pleasure, choosing learning subjects that children like the most.

On WUNDERKIDDY you can find various learning subjects, e.g.

Work in one topic or combine exercises from different subjects – the goal is to make learning not boring. You can also suggest children to choose subject or a particular material by themselves. In this case you get self-motivated preschoolers. On WUNDERKIDDY you can also find tasks for indoor sport activity. We recommend doing them in order not to get tired of sitting. 

All materials from the category «Nature»


From the first days of life children can get acquainted with nature. When outside, a baby can hear sounds of nature: birdsongs, sound of the wind in the trees, or patter of rain. Getting older, children have a huge interest and ask many questions about nature and the world around.

Our educational activity sheets and learning games let children satisfy their curiosity and get answers to many questions about nature. Print learning materials and flashcards, in order to get acquainted with natural phenomena, plants and animals from all over the world and also insects.

All materials from the category «Animals»


From the early age children get acquainted with animals. Characters of the most popular cartoons are animals. Often the most beloved toy is a bunny or a bear. The animal world is fraught with numerous interesting facts about unique inhabitants from all over the world. Educational games and worksheets on WUNDERKIDDY let a child get many answers and insights about animals.

Learning materials on the topic Animals

Educational games and worksheets about animals let a child develop speaking ability, memory and logical thinking. For example, in an early childhood children try to repeat animal’s sounds and it develops their organs of articulation. Besides this, learning materials on the topic Animals help to gain important preschool skills, e.g.:

All materials from the category «Transport and Facilities»

Transport and Facilities

The topic «Transport and Facilities» is one of the most exciting and popular topics among preschoolers. Every day each child meets many household appliances, vehicles and technical equipment. Children are very curious to all these devices. For example, how a car engine looks like or what is inside an electric kettle and how it all works.

Transport learning activities for children

Vehicles, household appliances and other facilities are interesting not only for boys, but also for girls. It is fascinating for everyone to know how plane can fly and ship can sail.

All materials from the category «Vegetables, fruits and berries»

Vegetables, fruits and berries

Vegetables, fruits and berries are one of the main topics for educational activities with preschoolers. Tasty, colorful and healthy fruits are not only healthy food. Using colorful illustrations of the fruitage, you can catch children's interest to learning.

Educational materials on the topic «Vegetables, fruits and berries» are meant to learn counting, distinguish colors, shapes, and do other brain activities. Playing these learning games, preschoolers also get a lot of information about plants and their importance in our life. On the site you can also find worksheets to similar topic Flowers and Plants.

All materials from the category «Professions»


At about 5-6 years old, children begin to think about their future profession. Boys more often dream about a firefighter, spaceman or police officer, while girls plan to be a teacher, doctor, or hairdresser. This topic is very interesting for kids, and we offer special free printable worksheets about a variety of professions and jobs.

Activities to learn about jobs

Our site offers various education materials for kids on the topic «Professions». These printable learning games get preschoolers to learn many jobs and professions. In a play form, they will learn what adults do at work, and what tasks they perform there. Besides this, kids will get to learn also tools and devices used at different jobs (e.g. scissors, syringe, hammer, walkie-talkie, etc). 

All materials from the category «Food and drinks»

Food and drinks

Healthy eating is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. However, children do not always want to eat only healthy food. Very often they prefer sweets, snacks, fizzy drinks, which can harm their health. That is why parents should build a habit of healthy eating from an early age.

With the help of our printable worksheets on the topic «Food and drink», you can better explain the benefits of healthy food. The form of role-playing game develops children's self-confidence, language and social skills, as they communicate together in different roles, solve conflicts and consider each other's opinions. Role-playing games also improve logical thinking, imagination and memory.

All materials from the category «Space»


Starting from a preschool age, space interests children with its mystery. Numerous distant planets, space objects, stars and aircraft immediately captivate kids` imagination. That is why space topic can be used to attract the attention of children during learning activities. Tasks about space can be used not only for learning the Universe itself, but also as printable learning games for preschoolers. 

On our website, you can find a lot of printable games, activity worksheets and craft templates that give children their first knowledge about the universe and everything around this topic. 

All materials from the category «Clothing»


Clothing is a part of our everyday life. Even in an early preschool age, children can have their preferences, what to wear. Girls have a huge interest in clothes and like dressing up their dolls. They can spend hours changing dresses. This type of play is not only fun. It improves fine motor skill, develop imagination and creativity. Playing with clothes, children also learn to be tidy, orderly and clean, to pay attention to their appearance.  

On our website you can find printable games for toddlers and activities for preschoolers to widen children's knowledge about different clothing items and their usage. During kindergarten classes can be used education worksheets to teach kids to distinguish clothes in different categories:

All materials from the category «Shapes and colors»

Shapes and colors

One of the first cognitive skills that children under the age of three should reach is an ability to recognize and distinguish shapes and colors of objects around. As soon as children get interested in the world around them, they should start to learn colors and shapes. It also helps to learn and improve: 

  • logical and associative thinking;
  • memory;
  • speaking ability;
  • basics of math.
All materials from the category «Insects»


Kids in a kindergarten age are very curious. Exploring the world, they have a huge interest to everything, that they meet around. Sure, nature is the most interesting area for small children. Especially insects that can buzz, crawl under their feet or even fly. 

Learning insects is an important part of learning the world of nature. There are numerous types of insects and therefore there are many interesting facts about them for preschoolers. Who can fly? What do insects eat? How strong are ants? Why bees and ladybugs have such colors?

All materials from the category «Seasons»


The change of seasons is one of the most exciting processes in the nature. Each season has its own features and children has a huge interest to it from the very early childhood. We have created our printable worksheets for preschool activities, in order to let children get to learn seasons in an interesting and funny way.

What can be learned with our worksheets «Seasons»?

  • season features and their difference
  • counting up to 10
  • basic preschool math activities
  • emotions and their expression
  • matching games & puzzle worksheets
  • sorting of items according to given requirement
All materials from the category «Flowers and plants»

Flowers and plants

From early childhood, children have a huge interest to nature. Once get to learn the world of plants, kids can find answers to most of their «Why?» questions.

We advise you this learning activity for children at the age of 2-3 years, because at this age children are very curious and ask a lot of questions about the world around them. Our printable materials about flowers and plants will make even your outdoor activity more interesting, because they wake up kid's interest to exploring a flora world.