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Educational materials for preschoolers by topic

In this section you will find materials for the development of a child, which are divided depending on a topic. The choice of a topic is extremely important for preschoolers, because working with developmental tasks on a favorite theme will not be boring. Taking into account the preferences and interests of a baby, turn the preparation for school into an exciting pastime. Learn and train the necessary skills playfully so that the child does not have problems with progress in elementary school. 

On the Wunderkiddy website, you can find materials on any topic that your baby will like. Explore the world of animals and nature, technology and transport, get acquainted with professions and much more. Make each developmental activity at home fun and informative so that your child does not find the learning process boring and uninteresting. 

Offer your child to choose an educational game to print by a thumbnail image. It will increase the child's interest in receiving new information. You should not force children to regularly complete tasks in case of refusal. It would be better to reschedule the lesson for the next day, so as not to reduce the level of motivation of the preschooler to study. 

All materials from the category «Nature»


From the first days of life, babies get acquainted with all the beauty of nature. During walks in the fresh air, children hear many natural sounds: birds singing, leaves rustling or pouring rain. Growing up, children begin to make the first sounds and speak words, and then sentences. They start making questions about the world around them and nature.

You can get acquainted with the world of nature not only at the zoo or on the street, but also at home. Developmental tasks, games and guides on our website will help parents satisfy children's curiosity at preschool age. Print out free materials for kindergarten on the topic «Nature» to immerse yourself and your child in the mysterious world of natural phenomena, learn about plants and animals of distant lands, and study the peculiarities of nature.

All materials from the category «Animals»


The animal world hides many informative facts and unique inhabitants from all corners of the earth. Children start to get acquainted with animals from birth. They see and hear them on the fresh air, from the screen watching cartoons, even their favorite toy, they can't fall asleep without is usually bunny or bear. That is why developmental tasks on the topic «Animals» will come in handy for the first home lessons.

Useful animals activities for preschoolers

Home lessons with games about animals will help the child to develop speech, memory and thinking. It is easy to occupy the baby with useful «developmental activities» with our site, where you can download or print useful children's materials in a convenient format. Our educational materials for preschool children will offer different types of tasks for the development of children's skills:

All materials from the category «Technology and transport»

Technology and transport

The topic «Technology and transport» is one of the most exciting and popular topics among preschoolers. Every day each child meets many domestic electric appliances, transports and many other types of equipment. Children are very curious to mechanisms inside these devices. For example, how a car engine looks like or what is inside an electric kettle and how it all operates.

Transportation toddler learning activities

Transport, electronics and mechanics are interesting not only for boys, but also for girls. It is fascinating for everyone to know how plane can fly and ship can sail. Using of our website, you will find many educational games and developmental activities for preschoolers. Using them, you will help your child to discover the word of transport and electronics. He will learn about modes of transport. Find out the purposes of domestic electric devices and safety rules in using them, which is essential for children's everyday life.

All materials from the category «Vegetables, fruits and berries»

Vegetables, fruits and berries

Vegetables, fruits and berries are one of the main topics for educational activities with preschoolers. Tasty, colorful and healthy fruits are not only healthy food. By using colorful illustrations of these fruitages, you can draw children's attention to learning.

Using educational materials on the topic «Vegetables, fruits and berries» you can teach children to count, distinguish colors, shapes and train different types of thinking. In addition, it will expand the child's understanding of plants and their importance in our lives. Therefore, this topic will be a good addition to the «Flowers and Plants» theme.

All materials from the category «Space»


Starting from a preschool age, space interests children with its mystery. Numerous distant planets, space objects, stars and aircraft immediately captivate kids` imagination. That is why space topic can be used to attract the attention of children during learning activities. Tasks about space can be used not only for learning the Universe itself, but also as printable learning games for preschoolers

On our website, you can find a lot of printable games, activity worksheets and craft templates that give children their first knowledge about the universe and everything around this topic. 

All materials from the category «Clothing»


Clothing is a part of our everyday life. Even in an early preschool age, children can have their preferences, what to wear. Girls have a huge interest in clothes and like dressing up their dolls. They can spend hours changing dresses. This type of play is not only fun. It improves fine motor skill, develop imagination and creativity. Playing with clothes, children also learn to be tidy, orderly and clean, to pay attention to their appearance.  

On our website you can find printable games for toddlers and activities for preschoolers to widen children's knowledge about different clothing items and their usage. During kindergarten classes can be used education worksheets to teach kids to distinguish clothes in different categories:

All materials from the category «Flowers and plants»

Flowers and plants

From early childhood, children have a huge interest to nature. Once get to learn the world of plants, kids can find answers to most of their «Why?» questions.

We advise you this learning activity for children at the age of 2-3 years, because at this age children are very curious and ask a lot of questions about the world around them. Our printable materials about flowers and plants will make even your outdoor activity more interesting, because they wake up kid's interest to exploring a flora world.