Sorting Activities for Preschoolers


Play-and-learn activity is the best and the most effective way to develop your child beginning from his/her early childhood. The form of play provides that children have fun while doing tasks and lean motivated and committed. Educational games are meant to deepen a child's knowledge, to improve his/her ability to marshal information and to form speaking skills. While playing, a child develops his/her mental, emotional and intellectual awareness.

Preschool learning games: role and importance

Printable games are a very comfortable form of play with children. They all are convenient to play indoor and most of them are also can be played outdoor. WUNDERKIDDY offers various free printable materials for preschoolers: math cards, sorting printable activities (by size, color, form, number & quantity, etc.), Velcro-games, sorting mats, worksheets, etc. All the WUNDERKIDDY materials are well suited for kindergarten lessons or home learning.

In case of home learning, parents are responsible for kid's development and should deliver educational activities regularly. At the age from 1 to 4 years old children are very interested in everything around. Based on it, you can invent numerous sorting games that provide your child with the extreme important skills, e.g. to find common or prior features, correlations between objects and to be able to sort and group objects accordingly.

Educational games for preschoolers also help him/her

Sorting games for toddlers

An ability to sort and group objects according to their features is a basic skill necessary to cope with common everyday and math tasks. Children achieve a very progressive cognitive development by means of sorting games:

  1. Looking at pictures and comparing images, children develop attention to details and concentration ability.
  2. Sorting by color or another simple attribute is the first step to group objects into categories, and next to deal with more complicates tasks.
  3. Comparing real objects with their images develops visual perception and thinking ability. It makes a positive impact on future counting and reading skills.
  4. Explaining his/her game solution, children learn to verbalize his/her idea, to express his/her thoughts and enrich their vocabulary.
  5. Sometimes the game choice or solution need to be reasoned. Through it, logical thinking and reasoning skills are being improved.

Color sorting activities are a great training for preschoolers. They learn to plan and realize their actions and then make decisions, analyzing input data.

WUNDERKIDDY offers numerous sorting worksheets in PDF, so that you can select the most appropriate for your child depending on his/her age and personal preferences. All PDF activity sheets may be used for one child as well as for kids groups in kindergarten Print, play, enjoy WUNDERKIDDY!

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