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Logical thinking helps a child to analyze information, learn about the world, think more broadly and solve problems. Developing logical thinking is a basic principle for building math and writing skills. The earlier a child starts solving logic problems, the easier it will be for him to cope with the load of preschool education. You can solve logic problems at home and outdoors, gradually increasing their level of complexity. Logic puzzle worksheets to identify objects by description, question-and-answer, and word games engage memory and attention improve speech, and develop associative thinking.

Special aspects of logic development in children

Starting from the age of 3, children can solve logic tasks, but jigsaw puzzles for toddlers should be age-appropriate. The child must cope with the task at hand, and the printable logic puzzles PDF can not be too simple, so that the toddler does not lose interest in the lessons. For example, if you notify that a 2 Piece Puzzles are too simple for your toddler, invite him/her to play with 4 Piece Puzzles. Already at the age of 3, the child is able to visualize objects, reflect on them, classify them into groups, based on their experience of perceiving the world.

Systematic reasoning activities and logic or number puzzles for preschoolers will teach to:

Kids Puzzles are not to overload children, arouse their interest and help them to form counting and writing skills, which they need for easy adaptation in the primary grades. Mind puzzle activities for preschoolers 5–7 years of age help in the development of intellectual abilities. The child forms spatial thinking, develops imagination, learns to analyze problems and come to the right solution by solving simple mathematical problems, Sudoku, doing math puzzle worksheets and drawing.

Logic puzzles

The main strength of a preschooler is their memory. At this age, children memorize new material quickly and in great volume, while the child is not able to concentrate for a long time on solving one problem. Printable logic puzzles and games as well as logic worksheets for kids should not be of the same type. A wide selection of printable educational logic puzzles greatly simplifies home learning. You can find PDF printable logic games, jigsaw puzzles, rebuses, cut-and-paste activities, mazes, or entertaining questions that act as simulators of logic, abstract thinking and attention span.

Examples of activities with different logical operations:

  1. Classification – searching for differences and similarities in images.
  2. Comparison – picture halves for children, games with objects.
  3. Analysis – riddles, interactive questions, puzzle activities.
  4. Identification of signs – coloring pictures, drawing by dots.
  5. Synthesis – mosaics, crosswords, rebuses.

Printable puzzles for kids and educational games for preschoolers form logical thinking, which is necessary for a child to learn the basics of counting, reading, and writing. These are basic skills that will help the child adapt to the school workload. Printable puzzle worksheets of A4 format can be found on our website by simply choosing didactic activities in the catalog, taking into account the age of the kid. Working with printable preschool worksheets, the child will be able to show initiative, since learning in such a way is perceived as a fascinating game.

Training a preschooler to write

Writing is one of the most challenging skills for preschoolers. It can be developed with the help of kindergarten worksheets and other preschool printables. At preschool age, the emphasis in learning is on the development of figurative and logical thinking, the formation of diligence and strengthening the muscles of the hand. Printable logic puzzles for children contribute to the formation of analytical skills, thanks to which children learn to think about each movement, connect individual elements into a whole picture and visually control their actions when writing.

Assignments for the development of writing skills:

To master writing and prepare a child for school, you need to work on the development of logic, which contributes to the formation of basic skills of the future student. For this purpose, you can download logic puzzles printable on paper for further lessons. By showing a creative approach to learning, you will be able to arouse the child's interest in classes. Solving puzzle activities and logic problems promotes the development of visual perception, imaginative thinking and fine motor coordination.

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