Printable Activities for Kids


Preschool age is the time of children’s rapid development. They are curious and ask numerous questions, they want to know how different tools and facilities work, and they have a huge interest to nature. This is the time to develop various skills that will be essential at school. The most effective way to learn in this period is play. While playing, children easily memorize new information and gain new skills, without tiring learning.

Educational games are a very smart teaching tool. While playing, children get to learn the world around, develop essential hard and soft skills and learn preschool curriculum.

We have created many Pre-K and kinder printable games for kids of different preschool ages, in order you can choose an appropriate complexity level for your child. All the preschool printable games for children are also divided into categories (pre-writing, math, logic, fine motor skills, etc.) and subjects (nature, animals, food, transport, etc.).

By type of activity you can find puzzles, cards, cut out templates, worksheets, etc.

Numerous types of educational printable games for kids provide a comprehensive children’s development. Let's see some good examples.

WUNDERKIDDY offers various printable activities for toddlers, e.g. Velcro games on different topics: fruits and vegetables, animals, plants, etc. These games consist of colorful play field and game items that need to be placed on the corresponding places according to the task. To complete the task, a child needs to analyze input game data and make a decision. Velcro games let children change their decisions and re-position game items as many times as it is needed.

Clothespins Games

Clothespins games is a very popular way to improve

Clothespins learning games for kids demand concentration and coordination, physical and mental activity at the same time. For smaller children, it can be a significant challenge that is done in a fun play form. Clothespins games also have a positive impact on the future writing skill. On WUNDERKIDDY you can find numerous games that can be played using usual clothespins and printable templates.

Puzzles and Card Matching Games

The most popular preschool printable activities for kids are puzzles, sorting and matching games based on colorful, nice children-friendly pictures. Matching and sorting games develop logical thinking, analytical ability, attention and concentration. Children need to analyze game objects, find their common features or difference and group matching items.

Bright colorful pictures attract kids attention and awake their interest. It is the easiest and the best way to involve children into motivated learning. Printable board games and busy books, clip cards and digital printable activities for kids also provide children with a possibility to make games by their own hands (to cut out, color, glue). Self-made games are played with the most motivation. All the game based learning sheets WUNDERKIDDY are well suited for kindergarten learning or home preschool education. Download learning binders’ templates and Montessori printable activity sheets for free, make learning fun, play and enjoy WUNDERKIDDY.

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