PREMIUM ACCESS to 4 300+ kindergarten worksheets

Printables for 7 Year-Old Children


7-years-old children grow up rapidly. They contact with the world around interactively and their physical and mental skills develop quickly at this time. At this age, children go to school and need to be more independent. It is an extremely important time for children to develop confidence in all areas of life. Parents should monitor kid’s learning outcomes and assist by means of learning at home. We offer play-and-learn materials to make learning fun and pleasure. Education in a play form is the most effective way to learn.

On WUNDERKIDDY you find math tasks, (pre)writing activity sheets, matching games, memo cards and many more. Our educational worksheets are to improve logical thinking, vocabulary, counting and fine motor skills, concentration ability, attention to details and memory. To motivate, let a child choose learning games that he/she likes the most – learning can be not boring, but fun!

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