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Printable Toddler Activities for 1-2 Year Olds

Children 1-2 years old are active and curious and want to gain new knowledge and get acquainted with the unknown every day. Parents take on the role of teachers, during this period. They should tell them more about the world around them. Therefore, adults should approach the question of the development of children responsibly and know what knowledge and skills two-year-old children should possess.

Fun activities to do at home with toddlers

At the age of 1.5 years, a child's speech starts to develop rapidly. A baby can express himself by combining 2-3 words. It is necessary to pay great attention to speech development and everything related to it. For example, the child should name and distinguish some colors, name the object he uses, recognize some animals, and imitate their sounds. Do not forget about emotional intelligence and fine motor skills.

You can teach your child all these using materials on our website. We offer educational children's games, worksheets for toddler and flash cards for the all-round development of 1-2 years old children. Our materials will become great assistants and make learning exciting, interesting, and efficient. Download learning materials for free.

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