Printable Activities for 2 Year Olds


Children of 1-2 years old are active and curious, they want (and are able) to gain lots of knowledge and get to learn with new things every day. Parents take on the role of teachers during this period. They should tell children lots about the world around.

Fun activities to do at home with toddlers

At the age of 1,5 years, a child's speaking skills start to develop rapidly. A child can combine sentences from 2–5 words. It is necessary to pay great attention to improvement of speaking skills. For example, a child should be able to name and distinguish base colors, name object that are used in everyday life, recognize some animals, and can imitate their sounds. Development of fine motor skills is very important for improvement of thinking and speaking ability.

All materials on our website are created to develop a child's skills in a play form. We offer sorting and matching games, worksheets, handicraft activities, flash cards and puzzles for toddlers. Colorful pictures with favorite heroes make learning interesting and effective. Play, learn and have fun with your child, using high quality preschool learning materials from our site.

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