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Printable Fine Motor Skills Activities for Kindergarten

Developing fine motor skills is very important by children at early age. Fine motor skills help children to eat, to write, to dress themselves, to manipulate objects with fingers, etc. On WUNDERKIDDY you can find lots of printable activities to develop these significant skills. Most of them are free of charge. By doing children-friendly tasks with small objects (cards, clothespins, buttons, etc.) the learning process goes without being noticed – children play with a great interest and motivation, while their fine motor skills are being improved.

Why are fine motor skills important?

After some days of playing fine motor skills games, you can see a progress: depending on the age, a child can operate better with spoon or can fasten buttons by hem/herself. Later at school, children with good developed fine motor skills easily gain writing ability. At the preschool age, it is important to do fine motor skills developing activities regularly.

In order not to tire a child with similar tasks, we have created many learning materials that are meant to develop fine motor skills: pre-writing graphomotor worksheets, puzzles, cut out templates and learning cards. Mix developing games with simple household activities (e.g., sorting out flatware) and sport exercises to make the developing process more effective and interesting.

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