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Worksheets «Sunshine»

Worksheets «Sunshine»
Worksheets «Sunshine»
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Worksheets «Sunshine» for children from 3 years old will develop graphomotor skills and hand-eye coordination. The task will help preschoolers practice fine motor skills and prepare their hands for writing letters at school. Print out a set of graphomotor tracks, and form the basics of a child's writing skills.

Each worksheet has different dotted lines. They are well-structured in complexity, from simple straight lines to wavy or rounded ones. The kid needs to trace these lines with a pencil. Start the task with simple lines and trace them carefully. Do not overwork the child's hands. It is better to complete one worksheet per session.

Jessica Hendricks
04.10.2022 08:46
Thnx for your great help and worksheet my kids are performing very well. If you could plz and I'm urgently inneed of Afrikaans gr0 reading and writing worksheets plz
03.02.2023 19:44
Спасибо за труды! Очень нужные прописи. Не только готовим руку к письму, но еще можно изучать эмоции)
13.04.2023 06:23
excellent activity
Zaylin Lopez
31.05.2023 02:26
Très belle activité !