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Giraffe Counting Activity

Giraffe Counting Activity
Giraffe Counting Activity
Giraffe Counting Activity - Image 2
Giraffe Counting Activity - Image 3
Giraffe Counting Activity - Image 4
Giraffe Counting Activity - Image 5

The math game «Giraffe» will help children learn and practice counting up to 10, learn finger counting and develop math skills in preschool age. The game task is to count the number of leaves for the giraffe and indicate your answer with a corresponding digit.

Print out the counting worksheets for kindergarten and cut out all the game cards. On the game board, there are white cells:

  • The large cells at the top are to indicate the answer;
  • The cells at the bottom are to place up to 10 game cards.

Invite your child to take a card with a number and place it in the cell at the top of the sheet. Then he/she needs to take as many cards with leaves, as it is given on the number card, and put the leaves in the cells. Then the same number should be indicated with a card with fingers. Ask your child to count aloud, it will help to count and to memorize the numbers.

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