Match the Buttons Worksheet

Match the Buttons Worksheet
Match the Buttons Worksheet
Match the Buttons Worksheet - Image 2
Match the Buttons Worksheet - Image 3

Playing the game Color Buttons, children develop their fine motor skills, logical thinking ability and sensory perception. The task is to find the right place for each color button according to the sample.

Print worksheets and cut out flashcards and color buttons. Instead of paper buttons, you can also use real buttons that match by color and size. Let a child take a card and watch a sample. Then ask to put color buttons on the big picture with a shirt, according to a sample from the card.

If you want to train memory, ask a child to memorize a sample, put the card face down and put color buttons from memory.

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Wspaniałe zadanie. Można je uzupełnić używając prawdziwych guzików.
It is a wonderful exercise for children. I used it with my children, and they enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for your wonderful and useful adaptation.
Maci Harshman
These will be so helpful in teaching my 3 year old his colors
Наталья С******
Очень полезное и интересное пособие для развития у детей восприятия цвета. Спасибо.
Aneesha Livingston
The "Match the Buttons" worksheet is a fantastic educational tool that promotes cognitive development and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. It challenges young minds to identify and connect buttons based on various attributes like color, size, and shape.
Semra Okan
I love it !
Pandi Beata
Remek játék!Úgy fejleszt,hogy a gyermek észre sem veszi,hogy tanul!
manoli gallardo hernandez
Me encanta este ejercicio para trabajar la atención en mis hijos.
It is a wonderful brain break for child.. than u
dora mam
πολύ χρήσιμο υλικό|!!! Ευχαριστούμε!!