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Fish Bowl Template

Fish Bowl Template
Fish Bowl Template
Fish Bowl Template - Image 2
Fish Bowl Template - Image 3
Fish Bowl Template - Image 4

Templates set Fish Bowl is to develop imagination, creativity and fine motor skills by children at preschool age. Using this simple template, children can create nice, colorful hand-made pieces of art.

Print activity sheets, color paper elements and cut them out. Then let a child create his/her own design and glue colored elements on the fishbowl by preference.

The template set Fish Bowl is well suited for kindergarten creative activities. Each child make his/her own handicraft and teachers could organize an exhibition of children's crafts.

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Takáts Renátó
nice fish
Aзалия Мустахитдинова
It's very interesting and it's a great activity when it gets boring
M. Jovita
Nice! Children like these water creatures 🐢🐟
lin stan
great activity for little kids
Thank you
Tiwi Djusti
Bagus sekali anak anak sangat menyukainya
اسيا خديم
How can i download
Vania Davcheva
The activity is suitable for any time of the year. The children choose the fish and set up their own aquarium, one in the garden and the second at home, to do it with a parent. Then I just get a picture of the finished aquarium. Combine with a book about fish and the ocean/sea. Thank you for sharing!
Katarzyna Albin
Super pomysł, dzisiaj inna pewno go pokochają !