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Activity sheet «Aquarium»

Material for activities with children «Aquarium» is helpful for any children of any age. For 1-2 years old, use only the aquarium with fish to make applications, developing the child's creativity and imagination. Use the material to start studying numbers and mastering counting skills with babies of 3 years and older.

Print the preschool development material and cut out the fish and numbers following the dotted line. Then put any number in the cell above the aquarium, and ask the child to count the fish and put them in the aquarium. Or you can place any number of fish in the aquarium, and offer the child to count them and indicate the answer using a card with a number.

Dóra Sike
22.12.2022 17:13
These activities will be perfect gifts for my grandchildren. Merry Christmas
23.01.2023 11:05
Nice and colorful game