Color the Fish Activity

Color the Fish Activity
Color the Fish Activity
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The educational activity «Color the Fish» is meant for children to train their hands to future handwriting. The game helps children develop memory, hand-eye coordination as well as learn counting up to 6.

Print out the preschool drawing worksheets and, using the template, make a paper dice to indicate color and line form. Alternatively, you can use a usual plastic dice.

For toddlers, we recommend using two dice, while preschoolers can memorize the first value of the dice and roll the dice again to get the second value. One value indicates the form of the line, and the second indicates the color (look at the chart).

Then invite your child to take a fish template and draw a line in the form and the color according to the values on the dice. After that, roll the dice as many times as you need to complete the task.

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It is a wonderful and valuable program for learning writing and coloring
Super pomysł!
waaaw !
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Ļoti palīd darbā ar bērniem.
Ieva Tondeļe
Ļoti patík bèrniem. Piesaista uzmanību.
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Muito legal! Meus alunos vão adorar!
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Wow. Amazing activites
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Its wonderful. Tq so much
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Ini baik sekali