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Templates «Paper Dolls»

Printable paper dolls for children are to develop knowledge of clothing items and improve fine motor skills and artistic ability. Children may use their creativity to generate their own personal characters for their role-playing game.

Download and print the paper doll templates then cut out all of the game parts. The paper dolls depict small boys and girls as well as their wardrobe possibilities. While dressing the paper dolls, identify each piece of clothing with your child so that he/she may decide what to wear at different weather.

23.11.2022 00:23
Beautiful templates! My child is delighted, children's learning games printable really help to learn colors and clothes better. I printed this set now I am playing with my child!
23.11.2022 00:34
Great templates! My child is 2 years old and she loves it, children's learning games printable really help her learn colors and clothes better. The creator really tried because it looks nice, there are no sharp colors that can irritate the baby's psyche. Now it is not boring and can develop even without me, because it is not difficult at all to attach clothes to dolls. I printed this set, now I am playing with my child! I recommend!
22.01.2023 07:47
Bellissima l'idea di inserire anche le immagini ombra, aiuta tanto mio foglio e permette una più semplice acquisizione delle abilità
Rohmah Qcuek
27.03.2023 22:26
Rohmah Qcuek
29.03.2023 06:25
Manaz Hamada
23.04.2023 07:08
Very useful