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Printable Clothing Worksheets


Clothing is a part of our everyday life. Even in an early preschool age, children can have their preferences, what to wear. Girls have a huge interest in clothes and like dressing up their dolls. They can spend hours changing dresses. This type of play is not only fun. It improves fine motor skill, develop imagination and creativity. Playing with clothes, children also learn to be tidy, orderly and clean, to pay attention to their appearance.

On our website you can find printable games for toddlers and activities for preschoolers to widen children's knowledge about different clothing items and their usage. During kindergarten classes can be used education worksheets to teach kids to distinguish clothes in different categories:

Dressing up is often a part of role-playing games that develop also children's mental abilities (memory, observation and thinking skills, vocabulary, etc.).

Download free printable worksheets, math and handwriting activities for kindergarten to assist a balanced growth of a child.

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