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Activity sheet «Colored clothing»

Activity sheet «Colored clothing»
Activity sheet «Colored clothing»
Activity sheet «Colored clothing» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Colored clothing» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Colored clothing» - Image 4

A educational game for the development of children from 3 years old «Colored Clothing» will help to revise colors. The task will also train attentiveness and logical thinking.

Print out a table for the game and a set of colored cards that should be cut and shuffled. The table consists of 3 columns and 5 rows, which form 15 cells to fill. Each line and column is characterized by a specific color. These colors mean the colors of the clothing elements (shorts and T-shirt) of the girl shown in the cells of this table.

The kid needs to carefully look and compare the color of the column and row to understand the colors of clothes the girl should wear in a certain cell of the table. After that, the child needs to put the appropriate card with the image of a girl on it, in a monochrome cell.

Iva Radošić
01.03.2023 08:02
Very nice materials for preschool
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12.03.2023 22:49
High quality pictures and great activities!
joyce miano
15.03.2023 11:00
Love them
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23.03.2023 13:24
Muito bom!