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Activity sheet «Autumn puzzle»

Activity sheet «Autumn puzzle»
Activity sheet «Autumn puzzle»
Activity sheet «Autumn puzzle» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Autumn puzzle» - Image 3

The educational game for preschoolers «Autumn Puzzle» will develop attentiveness, diligence, and fine motor skills. Also, you can use the task to study geometric shapes with children aged 4 years and older. 

The autumn landscape in the picture lacks 15 fragments of different shapes. Cut out the missing elements and shuffle them. You can ask the baby to cut out the simplest shapes on their own, for example, a square, rectangle, or rhombus. It will help them practice cutting skills. 

In the task, you need to complete the picture with cut-out parts. The child should match the shapes of the fragments with the gaps in the picture. Ask the child what season is shown in the image when it is complete.