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Activity sheet «Autumn tree»

Activity sheet «Autumn tree»
Activity sheet «Autumn tree»
Activity sheet «Autumn tree» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Autumn tree» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Autumn tree» - Image 4

The printable game for children from 2 years old «Autumn Tree» will introduce kids to the signs of the autumn season, as well as develop fine motor skills and creative thinking. Print out an applique kit that includes a picture of an autumn tree, templates for a paper cube, and leaves from different trees.

First, cut out leaves and glue the cube, which depicts various yellowed leaves. In the task, you need to attach the leaves to the tree. Offer your child to roll a die that will indicate which leaves to place on the tree. Let the baby show imagination and choose the branch to place the leaves. Explain to him that in autumn, the leaves on the trees turn yellow and fall off. At the end of the task, ask the child to count the leaves left on the tree.