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Sorting Laundry Worksheets

Sorting Laundry Worksheets
Sorting Laundry Worksheets
Sorting Laundry Worksheets - Image 2
Sorting Laundry Worksheets - Image 3
Sorting Laundry Worksheets - Image 4

Printable game «Laundry» teaches to group objects according to the common features, develop attentiveness and logical thinking of preschoolers. The game task is to place clothes into wardrobe or washing machine depending on its condition.

Print out laundry worksheets and cut out all the game cards. Mix up all the cards and invite your child to take cards one by one. Ask the child to name the clothes item and answer if it is dirty or clean. The clean items are to be placed on the sheet with a wardrobe and the dirty ones – on the sheet with a washing machine.

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Iva Gebauerová
Isabel Rossiter
Great Quality Worksheets.
Aline Menezes
Material maravilhoso.
Aline Menezes
Material cheio de possibilidades de ensino.
3adil B3adil
Thanks for this, all my students will be happy to get those
Marzena Rupińska
Very useful for preschoolers to teach them the opposite dirty/clean and developing vocabulary (clothes, colors, prepositions)
Magdalena Skowrońska
Super :)
Надія Литовченко
Дуже пізнавальна гра
Aleksandra Mularczyk
Super! ;)