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Clothes Worksheet

Clothes Worksheet
Clothes Worksheet
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Clothes Worksheet - Image 3
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Educational game Colored Clothes is meant to learn colors with preschoolers and teach them to compare objects by a common feature. The task of the color sorting activity is to find suitcases for clothes, matching by color.

Print out clothes worksheets and cut out a set of cards with colored clothes and suitcases. Mix all the game cards and ask your child to pick any card, name the color and pick a suitcase of the same color. The child is to place the card in one of the four cells on the suitcase. The clothes sorting activity can also enrich kids vocabulary, if you name all the items that are put into a suitcase, or discuss what you would like to take with you to your vacation.

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Marcela Delfino
Súper recomendable el material!!! Muy útil y muy bueno para utilizar con los niños!!!