Christmas Tree Worksheet

Christmas Tree Worksheet
Christmas Tree Worksheet
Christmas Tree Worksheet - Image 2
Christmas Tree Worksheet - Image 3
Christmas Tree Worksheet - Image 4
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The didactic worksheet for Christmas will help kids learn to control attention to details, develop logical thinking and memory. It is necessary to match each Christmas tree with its missing half in this activity.

Print out the educational material for children and cut out all the cards on the last page. We recommend using sticky paper to attach the elements, gluing them both on the cut out elements and on the spaces for them on the individual sheets. Depending on the age of your child, you can use one or two sheets at a time to complete the task.

The child should look carefully at the halves of the Christmas trees and pay attention to their shape, size or decorations. For each Christmas tree, match the corresponding half and place the cards in the correct boxes to make a whole tree.

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