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Worksheet Christmas Color Sorting

Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»
Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»
Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»
Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»
Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»
Worksheets «Christmas Sorting»

Christmas color sorting worksheet will teach children to identify colors and group objects by a common feature. Activity will develop children's logical thinking, memory, and speech.

Print educational worksheet and cut out cards with Christmas items. You have four color groups, six flashcards in each. Shuffle the flashcards and offer the child to sort them into groups on a special sheet with empty cells. Also, ask the baby to name each New Year's object and think about its shape.

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Very interesting educational games for kids. The child herself is 2 years old, we are engaged in these cards. We already have educational printables at home, we are working on them. Thanks a lot.
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