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Hedgehog Template

Hedgehog Template
Hedgehog Template
Hedgehog Template - Image 2
Hedgehog Template - Image 3
Hedgehog Template - Image 4
Hedgehog Template - Image 5
Hedgehog Template - Image 6
Hedgehog Template - Image 7
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Hedgehog templates are meant to develop creativity, imagination, visual thinking and fine motor skills of preschoolers.

Print out hedgehog craft templates for free and invite your child to color hedgehogs and then cut them out. Work with paint brush, pencils, and scissors trains kids hands and improves their pre-writing skills. The templates could be not only colored, but also decorated with natural materials (e.g., needles, leaves) or items made from play dough (e.g., mushrooms, apples, etc.)

The hand-made crafts can be used for the indoor autumn decoration of kindergarten rooms.

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