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Apple Printout
Apple Printout
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Printable apple outlines can be used for kindergarten home preschool activity in order to develop creativity, imagination and fine motor skills of children. Using WUNDERKIDDY apple printouts, preschoolers can practice cutting with scissors, coloring, drawing, using glue, or making appliques.

Print the apple templates for free on our website. The set includes a variety of apple outlines that vary in both appearance and size. Let your child choose a favorite template and use one of the creative ideas:

  • Use the printable apple template to practice cutting with toddlers. The apples have a simple shape and suit well for the first experience with scissors.
  • Color the apples with crayons or paint. Offer the child to add other elements to create a beautiful drawing.
  • Make an appliqué by cutting and pasting.
  • Make an indoor decoration for nursery, kindergarten, or school classrooms.
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