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Worksheet for Preschoolers One is Out

Activity sheet «One is out»
Activity sheet «One is out»
Activity sheet «One is out»
Activity sheet «One is out»
Activity sheet «One is out»

An educational worksheet One is Out develops children's logical thinking and attention to details. The task is to name animals in each row and tell who doesn’t suit here and why. Differences may depend on the types of movement, habitat, size, etc. The goal of the learning game is to prove that this particular animal is not suitable for a particular chain.

During the task, tell a kid more about these animals and places they live. Print out free worksheets and cut the table so that each animal is on a separate card. Create new chains and let your child make up a new chain for parents by himself.

06.06.2022 22:24
Please send me pdf.
07.06.2022 00:48
You can download or print the PDF file for free. Click on the button above.