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Emotional Flashcards Balloons

Emotional Flashcards Balloons
Emotional Flashcards Balloons
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Emotional Flashcards Balloons - Image 3
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Emotional Flashcards Balloons - Image 5
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Developmental Emotional Flashcards for children from 2 years contribute to the development of emotional intelligence of toddlers. With the help of educational cards the child can learn to distinguish and reproduce emotions, as well as remember the names of basic colors.

Print out the worksheets and cut them into cards. There are colored balls with smiley faces showing different emotions on them. Explain to your child what emotion a particular facial expression conveys. Simulate it yourself and invite the child to do the same. To reinforce, mix up the cards and ask the child to name the emotions on the selected balls and also to name the colors.

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masszazs 25
Its funny! :)
masszazs 25
I love it.
Šárka Šťastná
Skvělé, jako pomůcka při rozdělování dětí do dvojic. Hledají kamaráda se stejnou emocí, přičemž mohou používat jen dramatiku. Za mě super!
Надія Литовченко
Вивчення емоцій. Класно
Amelie Bloom
Great activities. Thank you!
Руслана Бондаренко
Кульки супер! 👍👍👍