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Flash cards «Counting leaves»

Flash cards «Counting leaves»
Flash cards «Counting leaves»
Flash cards «Counting leaves» - Image 2
Flash cards «Counting leaves» - Image 3
Flash cards «Counting leaves» - Image 4
Flash cards «Counting leaves» - Image 5

The task for preschoolers «Counting Leaves» will help to consolidate the counting skill up to 10. Print the material for free and cut it into separate cards that show a certain number of autumn leaves from 0 to 10.

Each card has two segments: a number and a corresponding number of leaves. Cut the cards in half, following the dotted line, and then have your child connect the pieces. The kid needs to count the leaves and find the number that shows their quantity. Ask him to join two pieces into the whole card. If the counting is incorrect, the fragments will not attach properly. Ask the child to count again more carefully.

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