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Template «Christmas Finger Puppets»

Template «Christmas Finger Puppets»
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets»
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets» - Image 2
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets» - Image 3
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets» - Image 4
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets» - Image 5
Template «Christmas Finger Puppets» - Image 6
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Kindergartners acquire more knowledge and increase their cognitive abilities while doing entertaining activities. Free printable paper finger puppets are ideal for creating individualized fairy tales and stories to promote imagination, fine motor skills, and children’s speaking ability.

Print the Christmas paper finger puppet templates that are designed for children, cut out each item, and use the strips to make paper rings. Join each paper ring to the backside of the Christmas worksheets as shown above. Make finger puppets with preschoolers using these free printable templates while creating original Christmas stories to use in home performances.

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