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Printable Preschool Speech Therapy Activities

Parents pay lots of attention to speech skills of a child. It is important to speak.

5 ways to boost speech and language development:

  1. Talk with a baby as much as possible since it was born, so it could see a lip's mimic, hear tone and could activate its own articulation.
  2. Sing. Singing will provide more vocabulary as well as teaches your child the beauty of rhythm and sounds of language.
  3. Read. Reading is a very important practice for language development. Interactive reading – e.g. naming objects, describing characters, asking open-ended questions, etc. - all these conversations will help improve language and speech ability.
  4. Learn together new sounds of the world around.
  5. Support healthy oral motor using speech therapy exercises. Logopedic cards are a fun way to get to know, learn and develop language and speech skills. You can find collections of cards and logopedic play ideas for free download and print on our website.