Learning Vehicles with Children


The topic «Transport and Facilities» is one of the most exciting and popular topics among preschoolers. Every day each child meets many household appliances, vehicles and technical equipment. Children are very curious to all these devices. For example, how a car engine looks like or what is inside an electric kettle and how it all works.

Transport learning activities for children

Vehicles, household appliances and other facilities are interesting not only for boys, but also for girls. It is fascinating for everyone to know how plane can fly and ship can sail.

On WUNDERKIDDY you can find lots of educational games and learning activities for preschoolers. Using them, you can help your child to discover the word of transport and facilities.

With our printable activity worksheets, children in a play form learn letters, numbers and colors, develop speaking and fine motor skills, do math and pre-writing tasks, improve logical thinking and brain activity. Download and print high-quality printouts that will attract interest of your kid and make preschool learning fun and pleasure.

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