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Jobs and Occupations Worksheets for Kindergarten


At about 5-6 years old, children begin to think about their future profession. Boys more often dream about a firefighter, spaceman or police officer, while girls plan to be a teacher, doctor, or hairdresser. This topic is very interesting for kids, and we offer special free printable worksheets about a variety of professions and jobs.

Activities to learn about jobs

Our site offers various education materials for kids on the topic «Professions». These printable learning games get preschoolers to learn many jobs and professions. In a play form, they will learn what adults do at work, and what tasks they perform there. Besides this, kids will get to learn also tools and devices used at different jobs (e.g. scissors, syringe, hammer, walkie-talkie, etc).

Preschool learning games deepen kid's vocabulary, develop speaking skills, logical thinking and improve imagination. These play-learn activities with worksheets and flashcards for preschoolers also develop memory, fine motor skills and attention to details. Thanks to play form of learning activities, children work with sheets with pleasure and better remember new information.

On our website you can find many free printable worksheets for preschool lessons in kindergarten or at home.