Brain Gym Activity

Brain Gym Activity
Brain Gym Activity
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The neuropsychological game «Brain Gym» is designed to develop interhemispheric interaction, fine motor skills and memory of toddlers and preschoolers. The task is to simultaneously point to the flowers of particular color in the left and right columns.

Print out the brain activity sheets and laminate the pages for multiple use. Choose any page from the set and explain the rules of the exercise to your child:

  • Look at the flower in the column in the middle of the page. The right and left halves of the flower are colored differently.
  • Point with the fingers of your right and left hands simultaneously at the flowers of the corresponding colors in the right and left columns of the page.

For example, point to the red flower in the left column, if the left half of the center flower is red. At the same time, the right hand should point to a pink flower in the right column, if the right half of the central flower is pink.

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