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Five Senses Worksheets

Five Senses Worksheets
Five Senses Worksheets
Five Senses Worksheets - Image 2
Five Senses Worksheets - Image 3
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The Five Senses worksheets are meant to solidify kid's knowledge about sense organs: hearing, seeing, tasting, touching, smelling. The task of Five Senses preschool worksheets is to recognize what organ is used by perceiving.

The five senses worksheets suite well for kindergarten preschool lessons. Thank to its children-friendly content it would be not only learning, but also fun for children.

Print free five senses worksheets in PDF. Invite your child to carefully look at the worksheets, where you can see objects and sense organs. Ask your child to connect the matching pictures of sense organs and objects, depending on what organ is used by perceiving of this object. For example, a bee and a trommel can be heard, so they are to be connected with a picture of an ear.

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Samia Sayadi
Thank you very much!
強大的五感體驗,高齡友善的學習方案,一個人獨自完成許多造型的餅乾,只要我們在旁邊稍有幫助指導,同時也有各種不同的伙伴,給了我很多不一樣的東西,而為了這些需求,我們不斷的催促自己要更加的積極奮鬥與精進自我,而衍生出「不評估自能狀態而接下超出負擔的職責」、「對於求助或拒絕驚慌,將求助與拒絕同等能力不好劃上等號」 、「必須與重要他人討論、害怕對方的誇大與評價」等情況
Martina Sedlar
Very helpful
Amira Hassan
Useful to recognise every organ used for
Fun way for children to learn about five senses
Karmena Paegle
Useful material!