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Color Mixing Worksheet

Color Mixing Worksheet
Color Mixing Worksheet
Color Mixing Worksheet - Image 2
Color Mixing Worksheet - Image 3
Color Mixing Worksheet - Image 4
Color Mixing Worksheet - Image 5

Color Mixing Printables provide children with an understanding of colors and outcomes of their mixture. The task is to recognize what color will come by mixture of two colors.

Print out Color Mixing preschool worksheets and take colors and brush. Mix color pairs in the white circle on the worksheet according to the given tasks, and then notify an answer with the resulting color. This game is meant to develop memory, logical thinking and fine motor skills by children at preschool age.

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Anna Smith
Even before I gave birth, I always thought that toys with high logic would be very good for the brain development of young children. And after having children, I became even more certain of my opinion. My child is in kindergarten age and she loves to paint. So after I read this website I thought why can't I let her play color logic games? This site is really great and helpful for preschoolers. I hope the website becomes more and more known because the content it brings is really useful!
Muy interesante