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Popcorn Counting Cards

Popcorn Counting Cards
Popcorn Counting Cards
Popcorn Counting Cards - Image 2
Popcorn Counting Cards - Image 3
Popcorn Counting Cards - Image 4
Popcorn Counting Cards - Image 5
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The educational activity «Popcorn» is designed for preschoolers to practice counting by 20, develop fine motor skills and attention. The game task is to fill the buckets with the specified amount of popcorn.

Print out math game sheets and cut out the bucket and the popcorn pieces. On each bucket, there is a number. Ask your child to put in each bucket as many popcorn pieces, as it is written on this bucket. You can put the popcorn pieces on the table next to the paper bucket or glue a bucket template on the glass and put popcorn pieces into the glass.

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She Al
I bought this game for my nephew, he really enjoyed it !
It’s really develop fine motor skills and attention, by counting! So much fun !
Tosca Li
this game is suitable for my younger daughter who is 3.5
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