Food and Drinks Worksheet for Kids


Healthy eating is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. However, children do not always want to eat only healthy food. Very often they prefer sweets, snacks, fizzy drinks, which can harm their health. That is why parents should build a habit of healthy eating from an early age.

With the help of our printable worksheets on the topic «Food and drink», you can better explain the benefits of healthy food. The form of role-playing game develops children's self-confidence, language and social skills, as they communicate together in different roles, solve conflicts and consider each other's opinions. Role-playing games also improve logical thinking, imagination and memory.

On our website you can find not only role-playing games, but also many other printable activities for preschoolers, e.g. math worksheets, tracing worksheets, cut out and paper craft templates. You can also «cook» together with a child using our simple recipes to train counting (e.g. count candies), fine motor skills (e.g. put cakes on the plate) and learn colors (e.g. color ice cream).

Free printable worksheets and games about food and drinks

All preschool learning games on our website are divided on topics. The choice of a topic is important. Check what is your child curious about and choose preferable topics. For a child, it won't be a boring learning anymore, but play and fun. Motivated learning is the most effective.

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