Cut & Paste Worksheets

Cut & Paste Worksheets
Cut & Paste Worksheets
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Cut-and-paste worksheets are designed for preschoolers to develop their fine motor skills, memory and attention. The task of the cut-and-paste activity is to find missing patches to make a complete picture.

Print out the worksheets and cut out the game elements: rectangle cards with patterns and round patches. Put the pattern cards next to each other and mix the patterns. Then invite your child to choose one round patch, find the matching pattern card for it and place it to complete the picture.

Such mix and match puzzles are useful for hand-eye coordination because they require children to interact with small elements and place them in the correct position. Round patches games are a bit more challenging than usual puzzles with other geometric forms because each patch can be rotated at any angle to complete the picture properly.

While completing the task, children will also develop logical thinking and practice distinguishing colors. As you play, ask your your child, what colors are in the picture, or what shapes he/she can recognize.

The set includes 4 sheets with 9 patterns on each of them. Depending on your child's age, decide how many cards and patches you play with, so that your child can easily complete the task. For older children, you may ask them to cut out the round patches themselves, to train their hands and develop pre-writing skills.

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