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Activity sheet «Insects»

Activity sheet «Insects»
Activity sheet «Insects»
Activity sheet «Insects» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Insects» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Insects» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Insects» - Image 5
Activity sheet «Insects» - Image 6

The educational game «Insects» for children from 3 years old will help develop logic, thinking, and fine motor skills. To complete the task, children need attention to the slightest details and the ability to match the missing elements to images.

Print the material for the activity, cut it into cards and cut out the necessary game elements. There are four identical insects on the card. But each image lacks a particular fragment. The child should carefully look at the insects and match the appropriate elements to complete the images. Ask him to name the insect on the card at the end of the task.

02.04.2023 13:18
Ciekawy zestaw
Інна Журенко
12.04.2023 11:14
Дякую за чудовий та практичний матеріал. Дякую за вашу працю. успіхів вам!
Aukse JJ
22.04.2023 11:41
Very funny activities.