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Activity sheet «Vegetable basket»

Activity sheet «Vegetable basket»
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket»
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket» - Image 5
Activity sheet «Vegetable basket» - Image 6

The educational game for children from 4 years old «Basket of Vegetables» will teach how to count the required number of items. Also, the tasks will expand preschoolers' knowledge about the diversity of vegetables.

Print materials and cut out the elements you need to play. Glue the dice, one with numbers, the other two with images of various vegetables. Revise the numbers and vegetables depicted on the cutout chips before starting the game.

In this task, the child needs to fill the basket with vegetables. For this, the baby must roll the dice with numbers and vegetables. It will help him to determine what kind of vegetables and how much of them to put in the basket. After that, ask him to count and lay the required number of chips with vegetables in the basket.

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