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Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup

Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup
Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup
Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup - Image 2
Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup - Image 3
Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup - Image 4
Recipe Worksheet Vegetable soup - Image 5

Print out the «Vegetable Soup» counting activities for preschoolers in a form of a didactic game for children from 4 years old during which kids can feel like cooks. Children will practice counting skills, develop attention and fine motor skills, as well as revise and learn about unfamiliar vegetables.

Before you do this task, cut out the necessary elements for the game: the cards with vegetables and recipes. Revise the vegetables on the cut out chips and the counting from 1 to 10. In the task the kid needs to prepare a delicious soup with the help of a special recipe. There is an empty cell on the page with the image of the pot, in which you should place the card with the recipe. The child should look carefully at the ingredients listed in the recipe. Ask your child to name the vegetables on the recipe, count out the required number of vegetables and put the chips with these vegetables in the pot.

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Aline Menezes
Thanks for the material.
Aline Menezes
Material lindo.
Me encanta esta actividad
Katarzyna Fleischer
it's really great, kids are very happy. they must think and upp their skills. I'm very enjoy! thanks
Amira Hassan
Josselyne Denisse
Esta muy increíble todo!!!
Josselyne Denisse
todo esta muy lindo
Samara Paiva
Ótima atividade para trabalhar como suporte para seletividade alimentar e habilidades cognitivas
Meriem Djellabi
Amaziing activity
Айман Сейтжан
спасибо за материал