Garden Basket Activity

Garden Basket Activity
Garden Basket Activity
Garden Basket Activity - Image 2
Garden Basket Activity - Image 3
Garden Basket Activity - Image 4
Garden Basket Activity - Image 5
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Educational game Garden Basket is meant to develop memory and logical thinking by children from 1 year old.

Print activity sheets for free and ask your child to look at the baskets. The task is to recognize each fruit or vegetable, find the card with its picture and put it near the basket.

You can also develop counting skills while playing. Ask your child to count fruits and vegetables in the basket and put the card with the corresponding number near the basket.

Anytime you play, ask your child to name what fruits and vegetables are there, what color they have and what he/she likes the most (or do not like at all). Such conversations improve speaking and reasoning skills, enrich vocabulary and train memory by children.

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Vania Davcheva
Useful activity for small groups in kindergarten and children with special needs. Thanks for sharing!
Odlični radni listovi. 😊
Ann Dain
For my toddler is perfect, he looooves games with fruit/veggies
Ro Sarturi
adorei essa atividade. minhas crianças irão gostar!
Sieht ziegut aus
So nice
Ольга Гуляева
I like this material! We learn friut and vegetables with my baby, we use the game every day!
From this game children can learn form of singular and plural nouns. Recommend