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Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck»

Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck»
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck»
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck» - Image 2
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck» - Image 3
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck» - Image 4
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck» - Image 5
Activity sheet «Vegetable Truck» - Image 6

An educational game for children «Vegetable Truck» will help them to learn to count up to 10 and prepare to solve simple mathematical operations of addition or subtraction. You can print the material for classes with kids by clicking the button below for free.

Load each truck with vegetables using hints. Print out the activity material and cut the table with vegetables into elements. Icons on each trailer show which vegetable and in what quantity can carry each truck. 

You also have a truck with no vegetable icons and numbers. Use it to create your own combinations. Compose your own task for the child and combine many types of vegetables in different quantities.

05.05.2023 12:12
This is amazing
Cláudia Maria Tobler Bennett
21.05.2023 17:54
Material maravilhoso! Obgd