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Activity sheet «The five senses»

Activity sheet «The five senses»
Activity sheet «The five senses»
Activity sheet «The five senses»
Activity sheet «The five senses»

The learning game «The Five Senses» will introduce children to the human senses and their functions. The kid will not only discover new concepts for himself, but will also practice classifying objects and improve associative thinking. 

Print the material and cut out the game elements. The playing field depicts five sense organs and empty cells in front of them. The purpose of the task is to place cards with objects that can be identified using a certain way of perception, in the cell in front of each organ. 

First, explain to your child that we receive information using the five senses:

  • eyes (vision),
  • ears (hearing),
  • tongue (taste),
  • nose (smell),
  • skin (touch).

Give examples from everyday life for better understanding. Now invite the child to carefully consider and then classify objects depending on their way of perception. Pay the baby’s attention to the fact that many things can be determined by several feelings. It will be important to hear the kid's argument why he has placed the card in the selected cell. 

solomon galina
15.01.2023 09:20
Jocul este foarte potrivit pentru familarizarea copiilor cu simțurile umane. Recomand